After some thoughtful contemplation, and realistic assessment of our business model, we’ve decided to shut Eyeist down.

We’re very proud of our innovative portfolio review platform, which we created from the ground-up almost 9 years ago, to bring photographers together with experienced industry professionals for feedback on their work.

The Review team at Eyeist critiqued, discussed, supported and helped hundreds of photographers expand on the potential for improvement — of their work, their career direction, and to achieve their goals as artists.

We are especially indebted to this esteemed roster of Reviewers. Many of them were already established and well-known in the photo industry, and chose to invest their time and belief in our platform.

Most of all, we are very grateful to our clients, who bravely shared their work with us, and were open to the possibilities that their talent and love of photography could bring.

We’re sad to say goodbye to Eyeist, but we continue to believe that an objective and experienced sounding board for photographers can be invaluable in their artistic development and career endeavors.

For further information, a Reviewer referral, or more in-depth photography or marketing consultation, please contact:

Allegra Wilde

Thank you all again.